Move With Me

I’m delighted to be able to offer you a variety of ways to move with me so that together we can build your body-confidence, core-confidence and pelvic-confidence for a stronger and more confident you!

Please rest assured that however you choose to move forwards I am committed to being your champion. You will find me always in your corner, cheering you on, motivating you to be your best and always open and accessible for any questions you may have.

Through our sessions I will teach you the tools relevant to your stage of life so that you build a body that you are comfortable in, physically and emotionally.

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Core Confidence Method

What my clients are saying

Kerry, 52

Carving time out for myself is always a balancing act and I’m really enjoying the time spent I doing this, just for me. Something in my brain seems to have clicked over the last week and I feel like I have a bit more energy and motivation.

Core Confidence Method

Laura, 59

Caroline creates a really welcoming environment that creates positivity around health, rather than playing on people’s fears about their bodies. Her communication is clear so. never feel lost or out of my depth.

On-demand member

Ali, 50

Your approach to teaching means I always leave a class feeling better about myself, as well as better in myself. The positive focus really makes a difference to my self esteem.

On-demand member

Jane, 55

Caroline is a great pilates teacher.  She goes above and beyond to include everyone and make sure everyone gets the most out of her classes.  I love the way she is constantly prompting us to be mindful of pulling in our stomachs, relax shoulders, etc etc to ensure that we are carrying out the exercises to the best advantage. She’s a gem!

Online class member

Cath, 61

Now being in my sixties I feel it is important to keep moving and doing exercise.  I love pilates as it makes me feel stretched and balanced after classes and especially love Caroline’s classes as she explains everything so well and is always there for you if you have any worries, queries or injuries!

Online class member

Clare, 44

Loved the learning and finally ‘getting it’ after years of giving up.

Core Challenge member

Jean, 58

I am certainly more flexible than I was, and I am hoping that the Pilates will help prevent the inevitable loss of muscle tone and balance as I get older, not to mention the stress incontinence!


Online class member

Alison, 45

I love the level; it is just right for me. And you are a great explainer – even if I can’t see you because I have my head wrapped around my legs or similar I can work it out

Online class member

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