Core Challenge

“I loved it would love to do it again!! Those minutes of me-time and the feeling of accomplishment after each round of exercises have been amazing” – Carla – Challenge

Have you been told you need to work on your core-strength?

Are you noticing changes to your pelvic floor that you didn’t used to experience? Perhaps you’re leaking more easily or can’t hold for as long. Core strength could help you.

Is your posture in need of some help – do you catch yourself slouching or rolling those shoulders forwards? Core strength could help you.

Perhaps you are regularly injured or just battling an achy, niggly body. Core strength could help you.

Are you ploughing through the crunches but not noticing and change to the muscle tone in your midsection? Core strength could help you.

So you know you NEED this challenge but why should you join this December?

Picture this…

  • Imagine finishing the year on a massive wellness high. Feeling fit, strong and PROUD that you stuck with it!
  • Imagine spending Christmas with your family in the best shape possible, no December-lethargy and totally guilt free!
  • How would it feel to begin the New Year with a head start, ready to smash your 2021 goals in a strong, capable body?
  • Imagine laughing and celebrating this Christmas with no risk of leaking, or going out for the boxing day walk without the “last wee – just in case – before you leave”!

Why not give yourself the gift of strength, the gift of posture, the gift of pride this Christmas, lets finish 2020 with positive new core habits!

Oh, and did I mention…Nothing sets of Christmas sequins quite like a cinched in midsection!!

How Does it Work?

The Core Challenge will run from 1st – 21st December 2020. Registration opens on Friday 27th and closes on Sunday 29th November.

There will be a 12 hour BLACK FRIDAY discount – only available if you PRE REGISTER

The challenge can be completed LIVE on zoom, where we will get together every 3 days, or via recorded content, sent direct to your inbox. Your sessions will be approximately 15 minutes and you will need to complete them daily.

You will receive a calendar of “events” for ease and for you to put a BIG CROSS on as you complete each day of exercise – keeping you on track, in the right place and fully accountable.

For each week you successfully complete you will be given a “success medal” to share, shout about and celebrate on social media – TAG me so that I can celebrate YOU too! #scoopcorechallenge

We will have 3 “optional extra” live sessions where we will answer questions around the exercises, chat about core engagement and focus on the detail you need to get the MOST from this challenge.

Those of you that manage to complete all the LIVE sessions will be entered into a prize draw to WIN £100 voucher for a well known active wear brand.

There is no diet to follow – although I recommend you pick at least 1 thing from the below list to change, and stick to it for 21 days – examples in the past have been

  • cutting out sugar
  • reducing alcohol to weekends
  • including 2 portions of veg in every meal
  • reducing meat to once a week
  • meal prep
  • incorporating a portion of protein in every meal (great for muscle building and muscle recovery)
  • drinking 2 litres of water every day
  • hitting 10,000 steps every day

Who Should Join?

Are you sick of ending the year feeling lethargic and out of shape?

Maybe you work harder and more consistently with a bit of accountability?

Would you welcome the time, opportunity and space to focus on YOU?

… or maybe you just LOVE a challenge!!

The Core Challenge is a firm favourite on the Studio Scoop calendar – it comes around just a few times a year and is a great opportunity to find, restore and strengthen your core muscles over a 21 day period.
After 21 days of consistent core work you will feel

More focused
More determined
More positive
More body-confident
Less tired and more energised
Less anxious

Who Should Join?

Your support is amazing and I’ve really felt like I’ve been part of something good, and something for me, for the last 3 weeks. Thank you.
– Claire M – Graduate
Perfectly timed – no excuses for not being able to fit this in every day. Loved the variety of exercises and, as always, you explain everything brilliantly, which makes it so simple to follow. I could imagine incorporating something like this into my routine every day for life.
– Zoe R – Graduate

Well I’m very surprised and really pleased with the results. It’s amazing how your self perception plays mind games. I really didn’t think I had lost any inches.

So today I took my photos and measurements – the results are below:Wednesday 19 May v Wednesday 10 June

– bust line 38″ – 36.5″
– waist line 34″ – 31″
– high hip 36″ – 35″
– hip line 39 ” – 38″

I have certainly noticed a difference in my posture and I am certainly more conscious of my core muscles.

Thank you so much for such an amazing course. I’m really excited to start the online courses.

– Annie – Graduate


The 21 day challenge is just £55 but don’t forget, if you pre-register below you will have a discount code sent to you on 27th November making this EVEN MORE AMAZING VALUE!

For £55 you will receive

  • 7 live workouts with me
  • 3 live Q&A and education sessions with me
  • Continued support, motivation and help throughout the course
  • The opportunity to learn more about your body, your core and your pelvic floor and receive tailored advice.
  • An accountability calendar
  • Help from me to ensure you get the most from this 21 days
  • Weekly medals to share and shout about your achievements.
  • The opportunity to WIN £100 voucher from a well know sports brand.