Core and pelvic floor

Have you experienced any of the below?

Leaking bladder

Lack of bowel control

High frequency or constant urge to urinate

Back pain

Abdominal separation (diastasis recti)

Feeling of heaviness in the pelvis

Painful intercourse

Joint pain or recurring injury


of women have experienced the above to varying degrees and on average it takes us 7 years to address these issues with a GP, women’s health physio or pilates/movement specialist….7 years!!

The problem with our lack of action is that in this time these symptoms become “normal” to us and we begin to accept them as part of our lives.


of all pelvic health related issues are reversible through specific rehabilitation techniques and exercises, but if left unaddressed they may become worse OR the lack of strength in the pelvic and core areas will create a host of further, subsequent issues ranging from injury, joint pain, reduced mobility, postural complaints or prolapse.

So, ladies, let’s get on top of this problem, however small your concern is, if you are making allowances for this issue please join me for one of my tailored, physio approved courses and you can get back to being your best self!

Core and pelvic floor – what’s the difference?

Your pelvic floor and “core” are closely related but not the same thing. Pelvic floor stands alone as it’s own entity supporting the pelvic organs (bladder, uterus and bowel). Whereas the “core” is a collection of muscles, typically associated with the abdominals, which incorporates the pelvic floor. It’s function is to support and stabilise the trunk to allow full, pain free range of movement elsewhere. (See blog for more info)

Strengthening the “core” doesn’t necessarily mean the pelvic floor will get the help it requires to be strong, flexible and dependable so it’s important to address this muscles separately if your concerns are related to bladder or bowel incontinence.

The below courses will help you to strengthen the pelvic floor, core and ultimately the whole body as we learn to stabilise, safely mobilise, effectively engage and strengthen the whole body from the inside out!

Restore my pelvic floor

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Step by step guide to finding, rehabilitating and strengthening your pelvic floor – this course will give you the confidence to be sure you are doing it correctly and most importantly not doing more damage.

7 day Core Challenge

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This challenge will safely build in intensity so that we can strengthen the core and learn how to make it responsive so it’s there when we need it. Join the next free challenge below.

60 days to Core Confidence

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In 60 days you will feel stronger, healthier, motivated to want to move more and eat well, and almost by accident you’ll look better too! This 60 days programme will build your core strength and endurance to create a stronger centre, a more mobile, better posture body and a flatter stomach!