Core Confidence Method

How would it feel to start something just for you and see it through to the very end?

How would it feel to build the kind of body that you could be proud of?

How would it feel to enter this next stage of your life as the strongest version of yourself?

How would it feel to be able to see your body in a positive way instead of focusing on its failings?

Welcome to the Core Confidence Method

You are here because you are excited to remove the limitations you have placed on your life and ready to learn how to love your body for its power, build its strength and get positive about how it looks.

I am here to support you through the next 6 weeks as you gift yourself the time and space to develop into a version of yourself, physically and emotionally, that you can feel proud of.

You will develop the strength and conditioning to build a body that won’t let you down or make you feel old and we will build up your confidence so that you can stop focusing on your bodies failings and will start learning to love its strengths.

Together we will build a body which will support you through this period of your life and a consistency that will keep you fit and strong for ever. In 60 days you will feel stronger, healthier, motivated to want to move more and eat well, and almost by accident you’ll look better too!

I’m so grateful for this course! I have tried so many diets that I fail at which makes me feel rubbish so then I binge eat. I stayed the same weight while away for 3 weeks and have lost more since I returned so 10lb in total now.  Slow but heading in the right direction and I’m so happy and have loads more energy.  Thank you

– Julie F.

What’s Included

This is a movement based programme designed to reset how you move, build strength and mobility in the body and create a more positive relationship with your body and how it looks.


This is ALL within your reach, you could do it alone but with me by your side you are more likely to succeed and create habits that will last, breaking free of beliefs that are no longer serving you.

You will receive weekly access to workouts designed to reset your body and build strength from the inside out.

Your workouts will be achievable in a busy day because they are designed not to break a sweat or take more than 20 minutes each.

You will have access to a Facebook group where you will be supported by other members and me.

We will get together for weekly live sessions where we will explore a new area of the course and chat through all the questions you may have.

We will work together on a nutritional guide that is not restrictive but will help you to evaluate your diet and incorporate some of the puzzle pieces you might be missing.

You will have access to a team of experts in nutrition, body confidence and movement.

You will learn the value of prioritising yourself so that you can begin to change your mindset around your self-worth.

We will figure out strategies for carving out space in your day to keep up the consistency

By investing in this programme you gift yourself the power of having “skin in the game”, making an investment in YOU is a powerful strategy for increasing levels of commitment.

Each week we will focus on a different area that I KNOW, from my 13 years of working with bodies, will change the game for you.   You will build these methods into your workouts to create more significant, longer lasting results.

I will teach you and encourage you to be the best version of yourself and I will give you the tools to create a body that you are comfortable in, physically and emotionally.

How the course will run…

I will be theming the course to make sure that we progress at a pace that ensures we are working safely with all the core elements in place. Here is what you can expect.


We will focus on the breath and what an incredible resource this is for connecting to the core muscles, improving flexibility and reducing stress and tension.  If you have ever struggled to “find your core” this will be a game changer for you!

We will find the core, work out the most efficient ways of waking it up and making it work!

As your Pelvic floor is part of the core, we can’t be truly strong without a fully functioning pelvic floor. I’ll show you how to find it and how to strengthen it.

Now our core muscles are fully woken up, we will begin to work outwards, building strength in the rest of the body.

To create a long, lean body we need full mobility in the joints. We will incorporate some flow to your workouts – stretching you out and building a body that is strong in ALL positions and will remain supple for life.

We will work on body awareness, understanding where we are in space, what muscles we need to use and which ones we can let go of – if you struggle with tightness or tension anywhere (shoulder ladies I’m talking to you!!) this element will be a game changer!

Physical issues we will tackle will include pelvic floor dysfuncion, diastasis recti, weakness in the core (and of course elsewhere too!), tightness and areas that are overworking, injury prevention, overall body toning and learning to LOVE AND RESPECT OUR BODIES!

We will be meeting for live sessions, tutorials and expert coaching. This may seem a lot but it will all be saved for you and will be accessible for 12 months after the course has finished to help you to really hammer home those new and improved habits!

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January 2021 cohort!!

About Me

I’m Caroline and I am the founder of Studio Scoop, a resource for women in their 40’s looking to reboot their bodies and minds with exercise that will not only help them to achieve their body goals now, but will support them in the future and as their bodies change.

My methods are based around the Pilates repertoire because I have first hand experience of how effectively it can change body shapes, create long lean muscles and dramatically improve posture and flexibility. Since having my 2 children I have relied on it for rehabilitation when other forms of exercise were too demanding but more recently as a way of improving the way I look, move and also feel about my body.


This course is an investment in you. It has tonnes of value with access to me throughout for help, questions and extra info. I REALLY want you to succeed in your quest to become a NEW WOMAN and I KNOW this course can do that for you.

For 6 weeks and 12 month access to content thereafter.


This type of course is really motivating, it makes you focus every day and it is easier to fit in to the daily routine. Having the videos to watch the exercises also really helps. The explanations were clear and really motivating. Perfect amount of exercises each day.Great explanations. Simple to log in and access. Loved the flexibility of the programme. Thank you.

– Louise P

A great mix of pre recorded and LIVE sessions to clarify, answer questions and give options for the exercises- excellent way of teaching, not just during Covid but would work at any time.

I felt and still feel a real connection with my Core, after about 4 days I had a really positive ache when I got out of bed, walked down stairs, did the exercises etc. Since then my waist has reduced and looks great in my summer dresses!!

– Jessica B.

Your support is amazing and I’ve really felt like I’ve been part of something good, and something for me, for the last 3 weeks. Thank you.

– Claire M

Perfectly timed – no excuses for not being able to fit this in every day. Loved the variety of exercises and, as always, you explain everything brilliantly, which makes it so simple to follow. I could imagine incorporating something like this into my routine every day for life.

– Zoe R.

I’m so grateful for this course! I have tried so many diets that I fail at which makes me feel rubbish so then I binge eat. I stayed the same weight while away for 3 weeks and have lost more since I returned so 10lb in total now.  Slow but heading in the right direction and I’m so happy and have loads more energy.  Thank you.

– Julie F