Ok, so it was a sunny day when I decided to run this class, I started to think about summer outfits and an upper body tone felt like a good option – typically the next day was rain – hey ho!

So here is a 15 minute session for you to try – you need some small hand weights (probably 3kg max) or some TINS, we are working on high repetition rather than heavy load to make this accessible to everyone – of course you can adjust the weight to suit you but please remember that neck strain is not the objective, use a weight that you can control throughout.

Tip – Focus on the whole body not just the arms – remember that if you start to feel this in your neck or shoulders 3 things need to happen – switch on your CORE(tips on this blog), reduce your range and prioritise stability in the shoulder over weight or range, i’ll prompt you as we progress through the circuit.

If you are interested in following these sessions live – please head to my “Core Strength with Caroline Copp” private group¬†where I host regular LIVE classes and have a library of sessions you can access for free.

Enjoy x