I had a request recently for a pilates sequence that can be done to help to improve poor desk posture.

A huge number of my members have desk based jobs and over the years some of the related issues I see time and again include

  • lazy core
  • overactive neck and shoulders
  • poor posture
  • tight hips
  • lack of mobility

I’m a pilates teacher so I do a lot of moving but you might be surprised to know that I spend 3-4 hours every day at a desk. In this sequence I have included some of the moves I do at regular intervals to stop tightness, poor posture and laziness from creeping in.

Please note that these moves will “tick you over” but this isn’t enough to counter the negative effects of hours of sitting. I’d always advise including a regular pilates session to ensure that the whole body is mobilised, stretched, lengthened and that the muscles that switch off when we are sitting can get their moment to shine – use them or lose them is the problem we face!

Let me know how you get on with this 10 minute sequence, if you fancy trying a full session you are always welcome to join me in the membership for a free trial class (recorded or live) – there is even a 45 minute version of this saved in the on-demand library if you’re really keen to explore desk-based options.

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