You’ll know I am a huge advocate of consistent effort. Real change is possible in all aspects of life but not without dedication and consistency.

So many of us have big plans that we talk ourselves out of – our negative “real-talk” gets in the way. Or we are “all or nothing” people who are great at setting the goals but not so great at the break down of the “work”!

Try one or two of the below suggestions for a week or 2 and see how, as your consistency improves so will your results.
1 – What is the goal?
Get clear on the results you want. What is your goal? Without a clear idea of what you are hoping to achieve how will you know if you’re on the right track? You might have smashed it and not even realised?
It’s important to develop a clear and measured approach. Eg By XXX I will have achieved XXX.
For 2021 I have separated my goals into months. January was all about incorporating some extra cardio into my workouts to boost my fitness so I said “I will do HIIT or run 3x per week for 30 minutes throughout January”. The best thing is that when had done my 3 sessions I knew I was done, it’s no longer on my to-do list and I can relax knowing I’ve hit my goal, or I do a bit more feeling smug that its an “extra”!
February is all about flexibility and specifically improving front splits so I am doing daily stretches to help to reach this goal.
What is your goal this month? Headspace / flat stomach / better posture / flexibility / time outside / fitness / focus / core / pelvic floor / strength?
2 – Pay to pay attention
Ever heard the phrase “skin in the game”?  My most recent challenge has a £10 entrance fee . It’s not expensive – it’s a quick trip to the local Tesco express, 3 coffees or (not even) 2 glasses of wine. It’s not going to break the bank. But the difference between paying and not paying is that when you pay, you pay attention. You are more likely to actually do the workouts, follow the guidelines, commit, and therefore get results.
You see, I really want you to DO the challenge because I know it’s effective. It delivers everything it promises, but you have to actually DO the exercise to benefit from it. So charging a small fee increases engagement, skin in the game helps you to commit.
3 – Do something you enjoy
If lockdown has been good for anything it’s this…walking. How many of us have found a love of walking? I have a dog, I walked before lockdown but I did it because I had to. Now I do it because I want to and that keeps me consistent. I rarely miss a day, I use it to boost my mood, it helps me to find clarity, it’s stress relieving and I guess a happy outcome is that it’s good for my body but that is not my motivator.
I love being outside, in the elements, I don’t shy away from a snowy or rainy day in fact I relish it. The more raw and real the better. So I’ve found something I genuinely love and that is what keeps me doing it.
What do you love doing, what would you do anyway despite the “results” you might get? Is there a teacher you have found that you love, that makes it all a bit more fun or enjoyable than just a “workout?” (I’m not fishing I promise!!)
4 – Diarise and prioritise
I have a phrase “exercise pending”.  It’s where you wake up and put on your workout clothes but you put it off all day, it hangs over you and you feel rotten until you get it done, and sometimes you go to bed having not done it and that’s the worst!
I diarise my workouts – I do Mon / Weds / Fri early mornings and 1 workout over the weekend. It’s non negotiable, I set my clothes out the night before, set my alarm and get up without questioning it, I know what I’m doing and how long for so I don’t get the chance to talk myself out of it. I make it as easy as possible to stick to so I can’t swerve it or push it to the bottom of my list.
My live timetable works well for this – you can book your sessions and you get a reminder 2 hours before. They are in the diary and you know i’ll be waiting for you!
So I challenge you…can you plan your month ahead with movement that you love, that costs you a nominal fee knowing what outcome you are hoping for…?
What are your tips for staying consistent?