Wednesdays at 12.00 I am LIVE in my Instagram group for a 20 minute workout.  This is the first of the series and is focused on the muscles of the core, give it a try (fyi, I’d suggest that this is an Intermediate level so probably not suitable for beginners.)

There is always a temptation to rush core work and to prioritise the abdominal engagement. The thing that makes “Core” work different from an abs class is the set up arrangement / how you are positioned in space / what is working v’s what isn’t / your awareness. Fast is possible but only with extreme awareness and concentration.

Always listen to the cues and take your time to find the correct position for the whole body, this will directly impact the efficacy of the exercises – for example if your shoulders are around your ears it WILL switch off your abdominals and all the effort will be in the upper body – not a core workout.

Let me know if you have any questions, will you be tuning in next week? Wednesday at 12noon HERE

Don’t forget I also have live sessions in my community Core Strength with Caroline Copp, you can join here