There is a lot of negative chat about menopause and that’s because for some women, not all, there are a lot of negative symptoms. The menopause really can pull the rug out from under people. In my menopause focus group there are ladies who have left marriages, changed careers and fallen out with close friends – they credit all of these things with the emotional and hormonal changes brought on with the peri / menopause.

But there is always a flip-side. Menopause can be transformative, confidence boosting and even empowering. This quote is from a member of my Menopause focus-group, who really believes that we need to face this period of “upheaval” head on. That the more empowered we are the better equipped we are. That we need to educate our friends and children to understand the changes they are feeling. They may still leave their marriage, change their career and ditch the friend, or they might take a breath, seek advice, have an open conversation and double check that it’s the outcome they REALLY want.

And I’m here to help.

Movement has so many benefits for the body and the mind and these benefits are particularly important during the menopause.
⭐️Movement means cortisol levels drop meaning anxiety and stress can be reduced.
⭐️Learning, listening and implementing a new technique can be empowering and brain sharpening.  ⭐️Sleep patterns can be improved.  ⭐️Deep breathing can shorten and even prevent hot flushes.
⭐️Metabolism can speed up.
⭐️Bone health and strength will improve, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
⭐️Core strength increases improving balance and pelvic floor strength.

It’s not always easy to get to the mat, but if you can get there, I will help you with the rest.😘

Did you know that until recently GP’s didn’t get even ONE day of menopause training in their entire medical education – often 5+ years! To find a good source of help really relied on it being a passion-project for them. Imagine what women before us have struggled through!  Let’s make sure we are the final generation that will have any kind of struggle, education and awareness is building.

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