One of the most common symptoms of menopause is aching joints – or to be more specific, in your words... Muscle stiffness and loss of flexibility”, “my body just felt like a big, stiff, useless, hormonal lump”, “achy/restless legs at night”.

And whilst there are a million different approaches to easing these symptoms, one that seems to work for my members is focusing on both strengthening and mobilising the body. Think of this as a “superset” style of working that is fab for menopausal symptoms – perfect for safely building muscles mass, perfect for lengthening and stretching the muscles, perfect for mobilising and releasing tension in the joints, and perfect for feeling, well, just better!

The loss of control during menopause can be such a hard part of the process, not feeling in charge of your body or feeling overwhelmed by ALL the changes. Taking positive action, working out in a way that specifically benefits your body’s current needs and starting to feel strong in your body can be a great way to regain some positivity, I can’t guarantee no aches but at least there will be a legitimate reason for them!

Try this 10 minute workout and let me know how you feel afterwards in the community HERE