Midweek Mobility – stability under changing load

This week is all about maintaining strength and switch on through the centre to hold a position under changing load.

You will need to bear in mind the following

⭐️ keep your roll back small so that you can really feel the tuck of the tail to maintain the “round” position. If you travel too far you’ll flatten out. I want you to SCOOP!

⭐️keep focusing on the pelvic tuck, and the belly scoop and stay relaxed through the shoulders. If they rise up, you’re probably trying to round from the upper back, not the lower, start again, keep the range small and round from the pelvis.

⭐️keep the arms light and relaxed to avoid the shoulders taking over.

⭐️use your breath, EXHALE when arms open or lift so that you can really focus on holding the scoop throughout.

⭐️remember that the seated upright bit is part of the exercise! Lift from pelvic floor, try to lengthen your spine and lift out of the waist/pelvis!

Oh and enjoy the burn! 😘