A huge part on my job is welcoming in the doubters 🙏🏻

😫 The people who tried Pilates at the gym a few years ago in a class of 30 and left feeling underwhelmed.

😫 The people who have been told time and again their body needs Pilates but they can’t get past the “breath cycle”.

😫 The people who have been to a class where they were ignored by the teacher and couldn’t follow the repertoire.

😫 The people who worry that they will be judged by the lycra-brigade!

😫 The people who are worried that they are not stretchy/strong/fit/thin etc enough.

😫 The people who can’t bring themselves to dedicate and hour to saving their bodies if it means sacrificing “real or sweaty exercise” 😉

We will meet one day.

When the time is right for you.

It’s never too late.

You will begin at the time you are supposed to begin.

AND I WILL MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE AT – excited / nervous / apprehensive / terrified / injured / judgemental / reluctant / wary / keen and yes, even doubtful.

And I’m confident that through positive, strong, quality teaching your doubts will quickly be replaced by confidence in the method and in your body 🙏🏻

I look forward to meeting you…whenever you’re ready 😃