The joy of Pilates, the gift that keeps on giving 💝

Just when you think you’ve mastered something, a good teacher will change the smallest detail and suddenly you’re in a new world of challenge 🔥

In this photo we have the Spine Stretch – a lengthening of the spine forwards – you can make it easy or you can make it hard…

Steps include
1. Sit TALL – legs straight, feet flexed, sit bones grounded, pelvic floor lifted, core tight, spine lengthened, ribs tucked, shoulders relaxed, crown of the head lengthening to the ceiling. And breathe. Honestly, I challenge you to hold this “set up position” for more than a few breaths before something gives….shoulders lift, tail tucks, spine compresses, pelvic floor drops, feet point etc etc.

2. Draw navel to spine and round forwards over the legs. As your head lengthens forwards, keep deeply pulling belly to spine as though you’re lengthening over a ball of lava (don’t collapse on to it – lift up and over). Feet flexed, pelvic floor lifted etc etc. Keep shoulders away from ears!!!! Nb. how *far* you move is irrelevant

3. Scoop from the belly and stack back to sitting, one vertebrae at a time until you’re back in position 1. Hold, re organise and go again.

4. Repeat 3-4 times taking care not to slouch, collapse, hunch, point etc etc

There are so many factors that when I hear “this is easy” I know you’re not THINKING 🤔 about what your body is doing, where you are in space and how you’re moving.

Easy just doesn’t exist in the Pilates repertoire, as I do often say, if it feels easy it almost certainly WRONG.

Think about how you can create more internal resistance to challenge strength and flexibility. Or ask me!

I am introducing some “Pilates check-in” classes to my online timetable as a way of breaking exercises down and checking in on how clients are progressing. All part of my monthly membership.

Fancy a check in?