This week I have come across so many people suffering from Sciatic pain so here are just a couple of stretches you might like to try to help relieve some of the discomfort.

Please remember there are a number of reasons why people develop sciatica and it can take on many forms – leg numbness, pins and needles, back pain, and depending on the root cause, the treatment method would be different. However some simple steps to help stretch out the muscles around the pelvic can help to relieve the pressure on the nerve, reducing symptoms entirely or at least providing some relief. If symptoms persist i would always advise visiting a physio for further diagnosis.

Tips for success:-

As with ALL stretching, awareness of the bodies postural position is important. For these leg stretches i would always recommend being in a “neutral” position to ensure the muscle insertion points are stable allowing the most efficient route to stretch. In a supine position (on your back) try to anchor your tail bone to the floor and be aware of the pelvis remaining square (don’t allow one side of the waist to shorten).

Enjoy and let me know how you get on… x