I love this stretch because until you try it, most people don’t realise how much they need it! It never fails to result in a chorus of “aaaah” as people open out the side of the body and the side of the ribcage.

Ideally, I like people to sit in a sideways position as I demonstrate but if this doesn’t work for you, a variation sitting on a chair would be just as good – just remember to “plant” the pelvis to create opposing stability and get an even bigger stretch.

Tips for success

– When you are in the stretch, take a big inhale into the open side of the body – this will open and length you even further.

– Try to lift “OUT” of the waist – maintain height and length throughout the spine, don’t collapse.

– When you rotate in the stretch, move from the ribs not the shoulders,

– Reach out with a long, strong arm and, down through the hip on the opposite direction – creating more length.

Cue… “aaaaaah”!! x