When we think of the pelvic floor we don’t usually think of it in reference to mobility but true mobility needs thorough and effective support and that is where the pelvic floor comes in. By creating a true CORE which includes the pelvic floor we add a complete strength to the trunk, allowing the muscles surrounding the spine, shoulders and ribs to work a little less hard on basic postural positioning.

Try this little routine as a way of finding the pelvic floor and using it to create a feeling of lift and length along the spine.

***Positioning in a slouched position with your weight over the tail will help you to access the lift, leading with the back passage. Then use the lift of the pelvic floor to access the deep core supporting muscles. You will feel a “tightening of the belt” and a feeling of lift from the base***

A well supported and stable spine comes from a strong core – like building on concrete instead of sand.

Note – this doesn’t in any way replace basic pelvic floor strengthening exercises which should be practiced independently of any glute/abdominal engagement. BUT it’s important to try and build pelvic floor into our core connection to create true and reactive core strength and trunk support.