Let’s talk pelvic floor because I have had a couple of revelations this week which I’d like to share with you. Here they are…
➡️ We should ALL be doing our exercises whether we are experiencing symptoms or not. How many of you don’t bother because “my pelvic floor is fine”?!
➡️I have always advised people to “tag them into other habits” – brushing teeth, waiting at traffic lights as a way of remembering to do them. But guys, I TAKE THAT BACK! I have realised that proper, efficient, targeted pelvic floor squeezes/lifts/engagements take concentration! We start this way and add in movement once the connection is there – learning “how” to find pelvic floor, maintain the connection and release other areas holding tension really takes targeted effort!
These revelations have led me back to thinking again about my “why”. Why is it important to be practicing this regularly and effectively? Well, getting to grips with your pelvic floor is important for the following reasons…
⭐️ None of us should accept leaking as ok. It’s not. It’s not normal or ok at any age and can be fixed with a little perseverance. Leaking can start small – with a cough or sneeze and can quickly develop into full blown incontinence. Don’t dismiss the small signs as par-for-the-course or “just age” because the bigger signs are harder to ignore.
⭐️ A weak pelvic floor has far reaching consequences in the bodies overall core strength and therefore our efficiency of movement. Injury can be attributed to a weak pelvic floor and so can crappy posture!
⭐️ Incontinence is the no 1 reason why people cannot be looked after at home in old age! Think on this, it’s a biggie!
⭐️ Ladies, it doesn’t matter if you have had kids and are currently fine – age WILL get you and when your boobs and jaw drop, so will your pelvic floor. Get it strong now and avoid problems in the future.
⭐️ A pelvic organ prolapse is much more time consuming than 10 minutes a day of pelvic floor squeezes. Prevention v cure etc etc!
So who is going to join me? Let’s commit to the following daily routine…
1️⃣ 10 x 10 second “lift and hold” – exhale to squeeze, inhale to relax. Keep bum and belly relaxed, if you can’t hold for 10 seconds just do as long as possible before you tense up elsewhere.
2️⃣ 10 x fast lift/release.
This is only 10 minutes a day – we all have that don’t we?