I do miss the human connection of teaching real life Pilates…but I also like to look on the bright side and so I have been paying attention when you guys tell all the benefits of streamed pilates at home… here goes…

⭐️ The time saving! No travel time, waiting time, chat time. Suddenly a 45 minute class is actually 45 mins. Making it a realistic lunchtime option.

⭐️No comparison. I always talk about avoiding the “ego moves” you know, the things you do just because your neighbour can do it! No need anymore, you have time and space to feel your way without the need to keep up with everyone else.

⭐️ You can dip in. If you only have 20 minutes, just do 20 minutes. There is less “all or nothing.”

⭐️ Gains. Most of you are doing more classes than ever before for the same price that you were previously paying for just once a week!

⭐️ No limit to numbers. You can suddenly get access to all sessions without the dreaded waiting list popping up!

⭐️Friends reunited! If you have moved or live far away, suddenly we are reunited! I have members nationally and from as far as Sweden and Australia!!

⭐️No travel, for those of us trying to reduce our carbon footprint, this is a clear win!

I love hearing your positive experiences and I’m working hard behind the scenes to make Studio Scoop an even better online experience!

Have you tried a class from home yet? Why not take advantage of my “free trial” offer? Simply email me to get booked onto a live session or to be sent a recording to do in your own time hello@studioscoop.co.uk