“A little bit of wee won’t stop me being me!”

I’m sure you all know the advert this relates to…many of you will buy their products. I’m not here to discredit the brand, their products have a place in the world but here is why I don’t think they have their marketing quite right…!
Many of you will relate to the sentiment, TENA are trying to say that leakage for one reason or another is normal. My belief is that it is common, but that doesn’t make it “normal”.
It’s estimated that 14 million adults in the UK suffer from some form of incontinence (and that’s just the reposted cases) so if you suffer from some leakage you are not alone. TENA would like you to make allowances for this, and instead of fixing the problem, they are offering an easy solution.
TENA want you all to adapt to this leakage by buying their products in the same way that you might already be adapting by wearing black ”just in case”, making sure you always have that “last wee” before going out, sit down before you sneeze and avoid star jumps in your exercise classes. But this, my friends is pelvic floor dysfunction and you don’t NEED to adapt, you can actually fix!
When we adapt we are masking the issue. We are making allowances under the pretence that it isn’t life changing (yet), we can work around it and still do most things. So why is it worth worth worrying about?
But here is the thing….this is an issue that will not rectify itself. It will not suddenly get better. It WILL change your life – how you do things, where you go and what you are capable of.
Are you happy to restrict your life like that or should we start facing up this and make it a priority?? Because the GOOD NEWS is that 85% of all pelvic floor issues can be resolved non surgically in just 10 minutes a day.
Are you ready to take the first step? Send me a message and lets work this out together hello@studioscoop.co.uk