Turns out a staycation when the UK weather plays ball is actually pretty lovely!
But, with more of us heading outdoors, how is the pelvic floor holding up??!! 🏖
There have been some “wild wees” for me and it reminded me of something I learnt recently… the value of the squat.
Do you find that when you squat for a wee it ALWAYS lasts much longer than an average time? Perhaps you are more desperate but still… This is the beauty of the position, in a squat we are much more physically able to relax our pelvic floor and completely empty our bladders, making this a really efficient way to go to the loo (albeit a tough position to hold!!)
In real life, on the loo, having your knees positioned above the hips can really help to relax a tight pelvic floor allowing us to go to the toilet more easily. If you are someone who needs the loo frequently this can also assist with fully
emptying the bladder so that we can be confident that needing the loo often is more a sign of a lazy bladder than a full one!
Whilst we are in a COVID world and wild wees are more of a norm, investing in a Pilates teacher to help you to strengthen your pelvic floor will allow you more time outside, but if a wild wee is inevitable we will also get you strong and flexible enough so you can hold that squat for as long as necessary!!