This weeks #midweekmobility is focused on manoeuvring the pelvis to achieve a delicious rotation and stretch of the lower back.
This one might be for you if…
🌟 you have been sitting at a desk all day
🌟 you’ve been running around after the kids
🌟 your lower back has been aching
🌟 you have sciatica
🌟 you’re core strength is zero but your back strength is πŸ’―πŸ€£
Tips for success…
If rotating to the right, keep the LEFT shoulder and back of arm on the floor. If it lifts you lose your stable base and your stretch is reduced. The shoulder being down also opens up your pecs (which will be tight if you are slouched forwards at a desk / holding kids / pushing a buggy!) Roll across your pelvis, let it go so the spine rotates.