It’s true that the delivery of your baby is the first in a long line of challenges that you take on when you choose you become a Mum. Each challenge seems huge at the time but time quickly moves on, you move past it and oh, there is the next phase to test you!

During all of these tricky phases most of us forget that we should also be taking some time to look after ourselves – prioritising rest, nourishing our bodies and beginning to think about regaining our strength….YEH RIGHT!!! Who does that? Gwyneth Paltrow maybe but lets face it, not many of us have the head space or time between feeds to even think about those things – I remember living mainly on Babybell cheeses during the early days, anything I could eat with one hand!!

Culturally we are surrounded with stories of how we are expected to “bounce back” after our pregnancies, please don’t confuse this with another weight-loss/abs story. My concerns are around body awareness, waking up the postural muscles and giving your body the best chance to heal so that you can be the best parent and carer to your child.

But it is fair to say that I have been shocked after both of my pregnancies at the weakness in my body, even if I thought about engaging pelvic floor, I would struggle to find it – everything felt numb and unresponsive. Exercise is not recommended for the first 6 weeks but there are things that we can do to feel more like ourselves in the days immediately following the new arrival.

I believe 10 minute sessions in an occasional manner (I mean no more than 2-3 times a week but even once is winning) is a good way to start. It will feel completely unachievable between feeding, nappy changes, cooking, cleaning, resting, tummy time etc etc but taking 10 minutes out for yourself will HELP to provide you with the clarity and headspace to tackle the above list . As your strength returns you will begin to feel like YOU again building your confidence and lifting the fog!

So log in to my YouTube channel where you will find Gentle Pilates and videos relating to the weeks following delivery – 1-2 / 3-4 / 4-6. They are very gentle in their nature and offer some reminders and stretches that will assist your body in its healing process. Take your time, fit them in as and when you can but don’t stress it – if you are reading this at 6 months postpartum you are not too late!