Do you spend the bulk of your working week sitting?? It’s unavoidable for many professions but unfortunately it’s also the reason for the majority of the injured bodies I see in my working week!

If you are sitting for long hours I have some tips for you below. HOWEVER, please remember that none of these are a substitute for getting up and walking around. The old classics – stairs not lift / parking further away – are still repeated now because they are simple and they work!

Use a gym/fit ball

Gym balls are a great option to store under your desk and sit on for 10-15 minutes twice a day. Don’t spend too long on them as your body will get tired but they are great for short periods as they are unstable and therefore fire up the bodies stabilising postural muscles which go to sleep when in a static chair. It’s really hard to slouch when you’re sitting on a ball!

Adjust your screen

Laptops are great in so many ways but they are utterly horrible for your posture. Your eyeline is constantly directed downwards which naturally pulls your neck forwards, your thoracic spine rounds, shoulders come forwards and core muscles are no where to be seen – slouchtastic! If you spend serious time in front of a screen, please ensure the screen is set at eye level to encourage your body to lift up. Remember your head weighs on average 10lbs, a massive load if it’s not positioned in the correct place!

Take a meeting on the move

Who said meetings need to be in a boardroom? Grab a colleague and take your meeting outside for a 30 minute walk. We all have phones we can use for note taking so what better way to get some exercise and vitamin D…


I know you are busy and there are a million excuses in the world for not moving but sorry guys no amount of Pilates, exercise, stretching can counter 50 hours a week of sitting!

Short burst of movement will all help, set an alarm and get up for a wander at least every hour. No excuses, its your back!

Its repetitive, you’ve heard it all before and I know you are busy and important and “simply don’t have time”. But guess what, it’s your body, you are stuck with it for a long time and sitting at a desk for hours on end WILL catch up with you.

Prevention is better than a cure so make some small changes before your have no choice. Regular correctional visits to physio, chiropractrs and osteopaths will take more time than any of the above I promise!