This months member profile is Zoe Richards, a Copy-writer and all round gorgeous lady from Guildford who attends both Mat classes and is an online member of Studio Scoop.  Hear her thoughts on Pilates below…

1 – What motivates you to do Pilates?

I’ve been doing Pilates on and off for over 10 years now. I’m hoping it’s going to keep me fit and flexible in later life, but for now if it gives me looser shoulders and slightly firmer abs, I’ll take that.

2 – Do you prefer a class or to practice at home?

Definitely prefer a class – I wouldn’t miss my Thursday mornings on the mat. I like the structure and motivation it gives you over working out at home. That said, I do always try to supplement my weekly class with something extra, so the online videos are perfect (((find them here) if I’m lacking in inspiration. The other reason I love my class is I always arrive early and catch-up with Caroline for a sneaky 10 minutes before anyone else arrives. You wouldn’t believe the gossip we manage to fit in!

3 – From your Pilates experience, is there a tip/cue that has resonated with you or led to a lightbulb moment where an exercise made more sense?

To be honest, Caroline has an amazing talent for describing every single aspect of pilates and her explanations are spot on, so if you listen carefully to her instruction you can usually tell if you’re getting something right. I’ve been to classes in the past where the teacher is reliant on demos, but with Caroline you could shut your eyes and she’d still be able to talk you through it.

4 – Favourite exercise

I like a bit of thigh work, so it would be a whole section of clams and leg circles for me. Cobra is great for really stretching out the back, and I also enjoy the release of tension I get from something as simple as shrugging out the shoulders.

5 – Least favourite exercise?

As Caroline knows, I’m a disaster when it comes to rolling up, rolling over, rolling like a ball – pretty much anything where rolling is involved!  Something to do with body proportions I swear, but I really struggle to pull myself all the way up no matter how hard I try.

5 – Favourite Pilates prop and why?

I’m a big fan of Caroline’s prop bag – look forward to seeing what she’s going to pull out each week and it definitely keeps things fresh. You should have heard the groans of pain on foam roller week! I’m going with the rollers on the basis I’m a believer in ‘no pain, no gain’.