This months member profile is Sarah Sunkin, a mum of 2 from Guildford who attends both Mat classes and uses my online videos (available here)

1 – What motivates you to do Pilates?

A friend once gave me the advice to look after my back / body before I needed to! I of course sat on this advice for a few years then I spotted Caroline’s 6 weeks beginners course and decided to give it a try. I’m quite tall and a confessed sloucher so I’m keen to improve my posture and over all strength.

2 – Do you prefer a class or to practice at home?

Definitely a class. I am really bad at motivating myself at home. In fact, I’m really bad at motivating myself to do much exercise at all. Caroline’s excellent teaching and friendly classes are the first that have kept me returning week after week.

3 – From your Pilates experience, is there a tip/cue that has resonated with you or lead to a light bulb moment where an exercise made more sense?

Caroline’s teaching is so descriptive and full of tips and cues that most exercises make sense – whether I can do them or not is a different question!

4 – Favourite exercise

I’m really beginning to enjoy some of the exercises that I found hard when I started. I still wouldn’t say I find them easy, but I can feel improvement and strength that wasn’t there before and that’s motivating! ..and I quite like hundreds too.

5 – Least favourite exercise?

Ham string stretches.

6 – Favourite Pilates prop and why?

The bands because I have no chance of rolling up or down without them (yet!)