Meet Leslie.

Leslie does equipment Pilates with me twice a week.  As you will read, she has had many years of pain as a result of hyper-mobility but commits to every session 100%, listens to advice, does her homework and understands movement in a way that challenges my own knowledge and pushes me to be better and find solutions.

I genuinely enjoy each of our sessions and am really pleased that we have been able to find her some respite from pain and better support in her body. The journey continues…

What motivates you to do Pilates ?

I used to enjoy exercise at the gym and running. But 10 years ago I found myself continuously at the physio with a variety of problems all stemming from the fact that I am hyper mobile. I was pointed in the direction of Pilates to break this cycle of pain – physio – pain.Pilates and Caroline have helped me enormously by developing my core strength and stability in my joints. Caroline is a great teacher, providing challenges, making every session enjoyable and I always leave feeling in better shape for the rest of the day’s demands .

Do you prefer a class or to practice at home?

I prefer my 1:1 sessions with Caroline as her knowledge and insight really help me to progress. I use the online video at home to support these sessions and are great to take away on holiday with me.

A light bulb moment..?

Finding out that shoulder stability and use of my lats really does help with curl ups ! My shoulders are no longer my “go to” muscles in day to day life which has taken away much of the pain.

Favourite and least favourite exercise 

My favourite exercise is teaser. If we do it my body is in a good place !My least favourite is a back extension, but I’m getting better at it, now I can use the correct muscles.

Favourite prop/ piece of equipment 

My favourite piece of equipment is The reformer. I enjoy the fluidity of movement that I get on it and gives me good feedback with my mobile joints.