Are you feeling the Joe Wicks effect? Love this man, what he has achieved in the fitness industry and the integrity of his passion is contagious. My kids are doing his daily sessions, I’ve done loads of his you tube workouts and from what I’ve heard this week, you guys are loving it/him too – and feeling fitter for it. There is a BUT…the reason I know so many of you are joining in the morning P.E is because this week alone I’ve heard from 4 people who are struggling with various injuries as a result of their new fitness regime. Sciatica, knee pain and back ache are the 3 issues listed, so now I’m taking it upon myself be the Joe Wicks antidote – or I prefer to say “accompaniment”. HIIT or interval training is a great form of exercise but there is no doubt it’s intense nature can leave the end user “flinging” around to get the job done. In my opinion it’s probably not advisable 5 days a week if you’re new to exercise. But if you are, and this works for you, here is how you can make it safer… 1 – Warm up and cool down. Don’t fast forward these bits, they are important moments to connect mind and body giving you much better body awareness and safer movement. 2 – Joe is fast but he’s also very fit, experienced and injury free. If you are new to this or know you are struggling – slow it down, take lighter options and THINK about what your doing. Fitness and weight loss is a marathon not a sprint, no one wins if you get injured. 3 – Ideally mix up your workouts by adding in 10 minutes of something more focused and holistic to join up thought and movement – it sounds woooey but it’s important to be body aware and this comes from more controlled activity (I have some free 10 minute vids on my website that might help)

If you’re already injured, take a break and get in touch. I’ll get you up and running again in no time.