So many of my clients have begun Pilates because of some sort of pain point, a niggle that they can’t get rid of or is often getting gradually worse, but occasionally the reason is something more serious that is affecting the persons lifestyle, mood and overall wellbeing. For Julie, the latter was true, pain was beginning to rule her daily life.

Julie is 100% committed to giving her body the best chance to be pain free, and Pilates has been able to support her on her journey. She is a regular twice a week in mat classes and does online Studio Scoop sessions from home. Read on to see how Pilates has helped…

1 – What motivates you to do Pilates?

I have never really enjoyed exercise as I do not like getting hot and sweaty, and I would always end up in a lot of pain. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a year and a half ago. I was told that I had no core strength, by my consultant, and was advised to take up Pilates. I am not pain free, but in just over a year, my mobility, core strength, and pain has reduced significantly. Caroline has been brilliant in helping me get started and she has supported me through discovering my abilities and understanding my condition.

Pilates suits me perfectly as it combines strength building exercises, with a slow pace, and each week I feel improvement.

2 – Do you prefer a class or to practice at home?

I prefer to go to class due to the support and encouragement that Caroline provides, along with her non-judgemental attitude. The online videos Caroline provides, are brilliant ways to continue Pilates at home.

3 – From your pilates experience, is there a tip/cue that has resonated with you or lead to a “lightbulb” moment where an exercise made more sense?

Caroline is always telling me to ‘draw your shoulders down, and engage your stomach muscles’ as my shoulders were always up round my ears. This advice helps me with my everyday life. Understanding that doing these things helps my posture, and enables me to do everyday tasks much easier, so without  so much pain

4 – Favourite and least favourite exercise?

My favourite exercises are leg exercises, and I especially enjoy the Cobra. My least favourite exercise are any exercises where it involves weight bearing on my arms, as I do find this very painful still (and I do not like child’s pose!).

5 – Favourite Pilates prop and why?

My favourite prop is the foam roller as it helps to relieve pain and tension, especially in my back and shoulders. It can be quite uncomfortable at times, but the result is worth it! I just feel the tension go away and I am able to move much more freely. I really enjoyed a Monday class recently when nearly the whole session was using the foam roller.