There are many well reported benefits of Pilates and reasons why people choose to start the practice, but there are also many other positive outcomes that you might not have considered…

1 – Eases anxiety

Taking the opportunity to think about your breath and making minor adjustments to the body can help to clear and focus the mind. It gives you an opportunity to get “out of your head” and focus on some mindful movement, taking you nicely away from the day-to-day stresses.

2 – It’s safe

Pilates is a very safe form of exercise. It is practiced mindfully so each movement is thought through and carefully executed. A good teacher will be actively cueing your movement so that you are regularly reminded of what the focus should be and what you should be doing / avoiding / engaging / relaxing. It’s low impact and therefore very safe for unstable joints or weak bones.

3 – Improves balance

Balance is such a difficult thing to work on when you are distracted. Using Pilates to learn to clear the mind and focus on the breath will help to create a stillness which makes balancing much easier. Balance is also made possible by strength from the core muscles. The more efficiently you are able to engage those, the easier balancing will feel and the more naturally it will happen.

4 – It gives you “time out”

Say. No. More!! A break from your life, from the stresses of the day-to-day, from [fill in the blank] Yes Please!

5 – You will sleep better.

Joseph Pilates believed the most important element for better sleep was mental calm. When your mind is free from nervous energy and your body feels good, you sleep better. The rolling exercises in Pilates were designed to massage the spine, relax the nerves and cleanse the body.

6 – You will leave feeling more energized.

Unlike some high-impact exercise systems that leave you feeling like your were run over by a truck, Pilates actually leaves you with more energy. It moves the sludge out of your joints, improves circulation, stimulates your nervous system, and leaves you feeling so much better than before you arrived.