I help women over 40

I help women over 40

pelvic confidence – restore your pelvic floor in 4 easy steps

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Studio Scoop uses the Pilates method of strong, core-focused movement to bring long-term benefits to the way you move, how you feel and how you look. And it will support you through every stage of life. Whether you are hoping to recover from injury, boost your body confidence and awareness, or just improve your overall long-term wellness Studio Scoop is the right option for you.

My promise to you

I am committed to helping women to feel more confident in their skin and I do this by working with you to create real and long-lasting results. I will help you to build strength and flexibility and help you to create a more positive relationship with your body and how it looks.

This is ALL within your reach, you could do it alone but with me by your side you are more likely to remain motivated and create habits that will last, breaking free of beliefs that are no longer serving you.

My pilates-based movement programmes can bring long-term benefits in the way you move and how you feel. And it can support you through every stage of life.

Hi, I’m Caroline

I believe there is something magical about Pilates, the way it makes you feel better from the inside out. It can change the way you move, increasing your flexibility and improving your posture. Improve the way you feel, giving you increased strength and confidence in your body. And dramatically change how you look, creating a longer, leaner body shape.

My journey with Pilates started in 2004 when I began practicing it as a method of rehab for runners knee (which, by the way has never returned). Since then it has effectively supported my body though two challenging pregnancies and has helped me build strength in my body and pelvic floor when other styles of exercise were too demanding or didn’t focus enough on the detailed help I needed.

Since then I’ve relied on it as a way of improving the way I look, move and also feel about my body.

What my clients are saying


Caroline is a great pilates teacher.  She goes above and beyond to include everyone and make sure everyone gets the most out of her classes.  I love the way she is constantly prompting us to be mindful of pulling in our stomachs, relax shoulders, etc etc to ensure that we are carrying out the exercises to the best advantage. She’s a gem!

Online class member


Honestly no improvement to be made. Your videos were informative, for me there was just the right amount of exercises per day to continue with the challenge without wanting to give up. Also the right amount of total time, I’m not sure if I could have done 4 weeks!!

21 days to core strength course


Loved the learning and finally ‘getting it’ after years of giving up.

Restore your pelvic floor course


I am certainly more flexible than I was, and I am hoping that the Pilates will help prevent the inevitable loss of muscle tone and balance as I get older, not to mention the stress incontinence!

Online class member


I love the level; it is just right for me. And you are a great explainer – even if I can’t see you because I have my head wrapped around my legs or similar I can work it out

Online class member

pelvic confidence – restore your pelvic floor in 4 easy steps