Helping women 40+ to restore and maintain confidence in your core as you age

pelvic confidence – restore your pelvic floor in 4 easy steps

My promise to you

I am committed to helping women like you,  in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, to feel more confident in your skin and connected in your body. I will help you to build strength and flexibility, improve posture and tone, and keep you balanced and energised as you age.

You could do all of this alone but with me by your side I can guide you through the physical challenges of a changing and ageing body and the ways in which peri/menopause can affect your balance strength and self esteem. And I can help to keep you motivated to create habits that will last, breaking free of beliefs that are no longer serving you.

My pilates-based movement programmes can bring long-term benefits in the way you move and how you feel. And it can support you through this stage of your life.

Ways I can support you

LIVE & On Demand Classes

“I’ve never found a type of exercise that ticks all the boxes for me, my age and my body”  Let’s change that today

Private Tuition

“I’ve been so busy looking after the family that I forgot to take care of myself” Take action for you

Core Confidence Method

“I’m not sure I even have a core anymore, let alone a pelvic floor!” Get help with this

Hi, I’m Caroline

I believe there is something magical about Pilates.
It makes you feel better from the inside out. It can change the way you move, increase your flexibility and improve your posture. It will dramatically change how you look, creating a longer, leaner body shape and giving you increased strength and confidence in your body. But most of all, I honestly believe it has the power to enhance the way you feel.

My journey with Pilates started in 2004 when I began practicing it as a method of rehab for runners knee (which, by the way has never returned). Since then it has effectively supported my body though two challenging pregnancies and has helped me build strength in my body and pelvic floor when other styles of exercise were too demanding or didn’t focus enough on the detailed help I needed.

Since then I’ve relied on it as a way of improving the way I look, move and also feel about my body.

What my clients are saying

Kerry, 52

Carving time out for myself is always a balancing act and I’m really enjoying the time spent I doing this, just for me. Something in my brain seems to have clicked over the last week and I feel like I have a bit more energy and motivation.

Core Confidence Method

Laura, 59

Caroline creates a really welcoming environment that creates positivity around health, rather than playing on people’s fears about their bodies. Her communication is clear so. never feel lost or out of my depth.

On-demand member

Ali, 50

Your approach to teaching means I always leave a class feeling better about myself, as well as better in myself. The positive focus really makes a difference to my self esteem.

On-demand member

Jane, 55

Caroline is a great pilates teacher.  She goes above and beyond to include everyone and make sure everyone gets the most out of her classes.  I love the way she is constantly prompting us to be mindful of pulling in our stomachs, relax shoulders, etc etc to ensure that we are carrying out the exercises to the best advantage. She’s a gem!

Online class member

Cath, 61

Now being in my sixties I feel it is important to keep moving and doing exercise.  I love pilates as it makes me feel stretched and balanced after classes and especially love Caroline’s classes as she explains everything so well and is always there for you if you have any worries, queries or injuries!

Online class member

pelvic confidence – restore your pelvic floor in 4 easy steps